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    Cool Solution for the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 1:15:47 AM
    Monitor temperature of medications throughout

    Monitor temperature of medications throughout the cold chain and capture temperature history for analysis, while avoiding the labor-intensive delays of common electronic temperature monitoring systems.


    ATI developed a custom solution by embedding the compact, durable and cost-efficient LOG-IC® 360 logger in a postage-paid postcard. It captures detailed temperature history and eliminates the difficulty and costs associated with returning a temperature monitoring device.


    The medication recipients simply press a stop button on the postcard and drop it in the mail to ATI. ATI generates temperature history reports, immediately posting them on a secure website for review and recycles the LOG-IC® 360 logger.


    Pharmaceutical companies now benefit from faster access to complete temperature history, saving time, labor and costs due to the efficient, reusable loggers. Ease of use improved data recovery and provided easy 24/7 access to vital cold chain information.

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