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Fresher Baked Goods With ATI Data Loggers

Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:06:40 AM

Implement a temperature monitoring solution to analyze third party carriers and their practices for shipping frozen dough from bakeries to distribution centers and restaurants.


ATI provided single-use LOG-IC® 360 loggers which are cost-efficient and capture detailed temperature history. The easy-to-use loggers helped to implement the program quickly and store managers were educated on procedure for returning the temperature loggers.


One LOG-IC® 360 logger was placed per case and distributed to ten test sites. Store managers viewed status lights for excursions and returned the loggers back to ATI in a postage paid self addressed envelope.


Over 85% of the loggers were returned for data retrieval and Pita Pit concluded that most temperature excursions occur at the beginning and end of shipments during load and unload. They now have an effective way to monitor shipments to help meet their high standard of quality thus resulting in fresh bread for the consumer.

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