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    Use Case: Thermal Management on the Go

    Posted by David Haan on Apr 22, 2021 7:30:00 AM

    Thermal impact is an enemy to temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical devices at all points in the supply chain, especially when they are transported by a sales professional to a doctor’s office. Read on to learn more about our latest case study.

    The Challenge

    A lightweight, thermal management solution for temperature-sensitive samples that a sales representative could carry throughout a typical workday.

    Steps to Finding a Solution

    After researching the challenge, we created a clear list of requirements with metrics of performance and carrier requirements. 


    Once the data was analyzed and the requirements were defined, our team created two testing protocols to represent climates from 22°C (71°F) to 47.2°C (117°F). 

    The Conclusion

    The CAVU Group’s prote-go sample carrier achieves the goal of protecting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and medical device samples. At a weight of approximately 6 pounds, it is a lightweight ergonomic carrier that a sales representative can transport conveniently to appointments throughout a typical workday. 


    The prote-go carrier will help your sales professionals safely and conveniently transport your temperature-sensitive samples to customers throughout their busy day, giving you assurance that your product is protected. 

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    Use Case: prote-go – Thermal Management on the Go

    Topics: Case Study, Life Sciences, Temperature Monitoring, Medical Safety