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    Reducing Claims for Imported Seafood with Temperature Monitoring

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:24:04 AM
    Develop a temperature monitoring

    Develop a temperature monitoring program to meet HACCP regulations for the importation of seafood. It must be cost effective, provide sufficient documentation to prove temperature compliance and be easy to use and implement globally.


    Major seafood importers need to ensure that imported seafood stays below 20°F. ATI’s Auto Reply Postcard program provides a complete temperature history throughout the entire duration of the shipment. LED lights on the device provide a visual alarm if seafood was not kept in proper temperature. Auto Reply Postcards are returned to ATI for data upload. The importer accesses data 24/7 to download documentation to support their acceptance of shipment


    Log-ic Auto Reply Postcards arrive to the exporter ready to be turned on with a quick and easy press of a button. Unique Identifiers on the postcard allow the importer to track where shipments are coming from. All data is uploaded to ATI DataNow cloud portal for the importer’s reference and documentation.


    The seafood importer is audit ready and able to supply documentation to support temperature compliance. Log-ic Auto Reply postcard program provides a cost effective solution with the additional value of protecting the quality and safety of their seafood products.

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