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Ensuring Quality Produce with Temperature Monitors

Posted by admin on Dec 26, 2017 11:33:21 PM

Monitor temperatures of oranges during the cold weather months in a grove containing 200 irrigation zones to ensure optimum product quality for packing and processing.


In the past, the orange grove manager relied on visual monitoring, taking handwritten notes on temperature conditions. ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 technology allows automatic temperature monitoring throughout the grove, with the added advantage of fast data retrieval.


LOG-IC® 360 loggers record the temperature every hour in each of the 200 irrigation zones. The durable, water-resistant design ensures that they withstand the elements and provide reliable monitoring. With the mobile LOG-IC® 360 handheld reader, the grove manager quickly and easily captures temperature data.


Southern Gardens now has access to temperature data at any time, which helps protect against freezing conditions and determine which zones require improvement. Crop yields also increase with the ability to determine which oranges are better suited for produce markets or byproduct processing.

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