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    Protecting a School Vaccine Program

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:02:11 AM

    Protect a large quantity of H1N1 vaccines for schoolchildren from low or high temperature damage with economical, easy-to-use monitors, while meeting a critical schedule.


    ATI customized its LOG-IC® 360 wireless temperature monitoring solution to meet the exact specifications. LOG-IC® 360 loggers would be used as a stand-alone solution, giving personnel an immediate visual indication of high and low temperature excursions for accurate decision support.


    After determining programming parameters, ATI detailed the logistics and training necessary to streamline distribution and proper use of the loggers. LOG-IC® 360 loggers accompanied the vaccine shipments, while additional loggers were used to monitor the storage of vaccine over the winter break.


    ATI delivered 10,000 programmed LOG-IC® 360 loggers within a week, including easy-to-use instructions for personnel. The clearly labeled loggers made them easy to turn on and off, and the green or red lights provided a quick visual reference to indicate whether any temperature excursion occurred.

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