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    Better Supply-Chain Accountability with Temperature Monitoring

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 1:02:27 AM
    Monitor temperatures

    Monitor temperatures in supply chain during the winter months to avoid receiving polyurethane sealant compromised by freezing during storage or transit, especially critical since sealant may thaw by the time it reaches West Coast Glass.


    ATI proposed an easily implemented and inexpensive solution using Freeze Check™ that would allow West Coast Glass and its sealant manufacturer to determine if the product was exposed to freezing temperatures in transit.


    The sealant manufacturer applies Freeze Check indicators to its 55- gallon barrels. The flexible, durable Freeze Check design withstands impacts of 100 psi, ideal for the shipping application and provides at-a-glance visual indication of sub-freezing temperatures, without additional handling.


    West Coast Glass eliminated the costs and associated problems of returning sealants compromised by freezing. The accuracy and efficiency of Freeze Check provided a new level of accountability that improved supplier relations.

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