Temperature Indicator

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    Unique Solution to Display Temperature Change

    ATI’s unique ascending resettable temperature solution, ViziRev™, provides a way to know when something has gone from cold to warm, and back to cold temperatures again. ViziRev technology can be integrated into existing product labels, used in conjunction with a printed card, or be applied in a custom fashion to suit your specific product needs. This new high-tech temperature monitoring label repeatedly transitions from one image to another during temperature changes, providing an unmistakable, clear-cut indication of temperature fluctuation.

    Resettable Applications

    Protect Your Brand’s Integrity

    ViziRev provides a unique way to know your pharmaceutical product has been kept at the proper temperature for storage. Once removed from the refrigerator or freezer, a new image will appear showing you the product is ready to be administered. This gives your consumer the best possible experience with your product and brand.

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