Color-Changing Solutions

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Dependable Solutions for a Range of Temperature

ATI’s liquid crystal temperature labels use color change to indicate temperatures or temperature ranges. You can rely on our easy-to-read and precise temperature label indicators for your temperature monitoring needs. ATI’s custom liquid crystal solutions allow you to determine size and shape to fit your needs. Products range from -9°C up to 65°C. Top companies in drug testing, medical device, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors rely on our liquid crystal thermometers when accuracy and reliability matter most.


Drug Testing

Provide proof that a specimen is authentic through color change

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Moving-Line Forehead Thermometers

FDA approved medical device to designate core body temperature with moving-line technology

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Standard Forehead Thermometers

Extremely accurate and disposable solution to show current body temperature

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Accurate Solutions for Critical Applications

Leading diagnostic testing kit manufacturers rely on ATI due to our commitment to precise and effective temperature monitoring. Clinicians can focus on providing accurate testing without concern that a temperature excursion has adversely affected the efficacy of the diagnostics employed.


Effective Devices for Your Consumer

Provide your customer with a way to know when their wine is at the perfect temperature for consumption. Whether it’s cold or room temperature, an instant notification of temperature will be shown by color change on the indicator.


Protect Your Patient with Reliable Solutions

ATI forehead thermometers are an effective way to know core body temperature in real time. Whether you are using them in the medical field or as an on-pack promotion, you can guarantee accurate and easy-to-read results.


Guarantee Quality Product

ATI’s liquid crystal temperature labels allow you to know the temperature of a product in real-time. This type of monitoring allows you to know if an industrial product is at the right temperature for ease-of-use and effectiveness.

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Why You Need an On-Pack Pairing for your Pharmaceuticals

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