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Accurate Solutions for Lowering Temperatures

ATI manufactures descending indicators with response temperatures between 15°C and -8°C. With a distinct color change at the designated threshold, you will know your product has reached a critical temperature that could affect its efficacy or quality. We offer descending solutions printed directly at the product level or self-adhesive labels applied at the carton or pallet level, giving you a clear indication that your product has been exposed to cold or freezing temperatures. ATI offers app and cloud technology that connects your descending indicators to the digital world, allowing you to view your temperature data at any time.



Applied or printed at the product level for the most effective temperature monitoring

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Robust and durable freeze indicator to monitor ascending temperatures between 15°C and -2°C

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Freeze Check

A freeze indicator with a temperature range of 0°C to -8°C shown by a color change of clear to white

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Ensure Efficacy

You can guarantee quality and safety on pharmaceuticals with a notification of freezing temperatures at the product level. ATI’s Blindspotz Freeze indicator can be printed directly on your package, applied to a card or added as a secondary label.

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Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

The properties of paints, coatings and adhesives are naturally sensitive to freezing temperature. If these products are exposed to temperatures outside a certain range, they may become unstable, bubble, incorrectly cure, and generally result in compromised performance.


Protect Your Consumer

ATI’s Blindspotz Freeze indicator will give you the confidence you need to ensure quality of your fresh food product throughout the supply chain. You will know if a product or ingredient has been exposed to freezing temperatures and should be evaluated before used or consumed.

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Stay connected to your temperature data

ATI has developed, DataNow, a technology platform that allows you to scan your descending indicator and quickly view, analyze and store easy-to-read reports that accurately identify and share your temperature data.

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