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Access Your Data Anywhere

ATI’s DataNow Service allows you to have real-time access to our cloud-based technology to view temperature records for your products. You can sort, download and analyze your data in a number of different layouts and formats that best meet your needs. You can see when and where in the cold chain process any excursions may have taken place and immediately address any temperature concerns.

ATI DataNow Temperature Monitoring


Easy-to-Use Interface

You can view, download and analyze your data in a number of different formats to meet your needs. ATI provides tools so you can view charts and reports based on your specified criteria.

Review and Communicate Real-Time

We understand time is of the essence when a product is exposed to a temperature outside your specified range. With ATI DataNow, you can access and share reports 24x7 to make sure everyone is up to speed on your shipment details.

Access Scans, Detailed Reports, Excursion Details and More

ATI has developed a technology platform that allows you to quickly view and analyze easy-to-read reports that accurately identify and share any compromise in temperature.

ATI DataNow Platforms

LOG-IC® 360 Mobile App

LOG-IC® 360 Mobile App

The LOG-IC® Mobile App enables smartphones to scan, review, and upload data from LOG-IC® NFC Logger tags, providing instant access to real-time data anywhere, anytime.

LOG-IC® 360 Postcard

LOG-IC® 360 Postcard

Benefits of LOG-IC® postcard monitors include no equipment investments, simple use, and easy returns. They're also scannable with the LOG-IC® Mobile App.

Hybrid Temperature Indicator

Hybrid Temperature Indicator

Information scanned from ATI's hybrid temperature indicator with 2D barcode can be uploaded to the ATI DataNow cloud for QA and management review.