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    Stay Connected to Your Temperature Data

    CAVU Hub is a cloud platform that provides visibility into the temperature and humidity data of your products. Protect brand integrity and the end customer by maintaining close records of a potential quality risk.


    Data Matters

    Getting started is easy. Watch this simple guide to getting started with CAVU Hub. Benefits of Hub include:

    • Secure, 24/7 Service
    • Dashboard for Data Analysis
    • Sorting and Filtering
    • Alerts & Notifications


    Provides Connectivity to a Number of Devices


    LOG-IC® 360 BT

    Upload, analyze, and store critical temperature and humidity data from your LOG-IC 360 BT devices.



    With the varIoT App, create a digital temperature record out of your label that can be pushed to the cloud for access by key stakeholders.

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    LOG-IC® 360 PDF Loggers

    By simply plugging in your I-Plug device, you can view and instantly push your temperature data to the CAVU Hub.


    CAVU Hub

    CAVU Hub provides one single location to store your temperature and humidity data. With an unlimited number of users and uploads, you can necessary data to your supply chain and keep them updated  with email notifications on critical quality data.

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    CAVU Hub Analytics

    CAVU Hub Analytics adds a detailed dashboard to track data and define trends within shipping lanes and logistics partners. You can easily identify possible excursions, have a simple visual to display routes and compare data between devices. SMS notifications are available to alert your key stakeholders about critical temperature and humidity data.







    CAVU Hub and Spoke Analytics

    CAVU Hub and Spoke Analytics provides all of the value of Analytics, but adds the ability to view temperature and humidity data throughout your logistics chain. You can easily set-up internal users from your organization, but also external users that will be uploading the data you need to see. You can then analyze shipments for risk management and assume responsibility throughout the lifecycle of the product.


    Connectivity at Your Fingertips

    ATI has developed a number of Mobile Applications that connect to CAVU Hub. You can instantly upload, view and share  your temperature data - anytime, anywhere.