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What kind of temperature data do you need?

Accurate Time and Temperature Solutions

Protect your shipments all the way down to the last mile with ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 electronic data loggers. By using a computer, reader or smart device, you can instantly download full time and temperature data of your shipment to analyze and share. LOG-IC® 360 data loggers give you complete visibility into your supply chain or your products’ storage conditions. Your data can be automatically uploaded to ATI’s DataNow Cloud, where data is accessible 24/7. We can help you verify temperature compliance from the very beginning to the final destination of your distribution channel.



Ability to pinpoint precise location and details of temperature abuse

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Protect critical shipments without the need for readers or docking stations

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Dry Ice

Dry ice probe to monitor core temperatures accurately and efficiently

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Dependable solutions you can rely on

Protect your pharmaceutical shipments at the box, pallet or truck level with ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 NFC or USB data logger. The fully functional LOG-IC® 360 Mobile App and Cloud enables recipients to review complete temperature history anytime, anywhere.


Protect your Food Product

Using a universal USB port on a computer, you can easily track full time and temperature data history from your logger. This gives you the ability to monitor temperatures at any point in the cold chain with precise location and detailed temperature data.


Stay connected to your temperature data

ATI has developed LOG-IC 360® Mobile App and the DataNow Cloud, a technology platform that allows you to pull full temperature data from your electronic data logger to analyze and store easy-to-read reports.