Electronic Indicators

    Temperature Monitoring

    Guarantee the integrity of your product throughout the supply chain with ATI’s Endicate™ electronic temperature monitoring solution.

    Endicate is NIST traceable and provides accurate information about temperature excursions upon receipt of a shipment. Endicate is easily deployed with the push of a button. The large display screen shows up to four time and temperature alarms and gives a clear, readable notification detailing if the shipment is okay or if a temperature excursion has been reached.



    World Health Organization

    Find our Endicate and LOG-IC 360 BT logger products that meet the World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalified Devices and Equipment list here.


    Ensure your product stays within the critical temperature range

    ATI’s cost-effective electronic solution, Endicate™, gives you an instant notification if your product has gone above or below temperature for a certain length of time. The actual time and temperature for each alarm that has triggered can easily be determined using our custom web portal.

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