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LOG-IC® 360 Dry Ice Logger

For pharmaceutical and medical products shipped in dry ice, you can depend on ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 dry ice probes to monitor core temperatures accurately and efficiently.

Dry ice shipments present special challenges, especially when they involve pharmaceuticals, blood, plasma, human tissue or biologics. With the health and lives of people on the line, there’s no room for error.

ATI LOG-IC® 360 dry ice probes offer the assurance you need:
  • Temperature monitoring from -80°C to +75°C
  • Ability to program up to 8 excursion limits
  • Complete temperature histories
  • Single-use

A number of factors contribute to the sublimation of dry ice in pharmaceutical shipments, including the type of container used, ambient temperature and air pressure. Whatever the conditions, LOG-IC® 360 dry ice probes reduce your risk by documenting excursion history:

  • Durable probe monitors temperature inside container with logger outside
  • Thin ribbon tether allows containers to stay tightly closed
  • Integration with RFID technology provides wireless monitoring
Along with the functional advantages of ATI probes, you also benefit from the capabilities of LOG-IC® 360, including:
  • Durable, compact, water-resistant data loggers
  • Data downloads in seconds
  • Extensive reports, graphs and charts
  • ATI’s DataNow cloud services available

When you have dry ice shipments, LOG-IC® 360 minimizes your risk with advanced temperature monitoring, reporting and documentation.

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