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Protect Your Brand with Innovative Temperature Monitoring for the Diagnostics Industry

Leading diagnostic kit manufacturers rely on us to protect their brand and their patients with an ongoing commitment to effective temperature monitoring. We deliver precise, custom solutions to ensure the most accurate results. From the moment you require temperature monitoring in your manufacturing process through the harsh challenges of shipping and storage, our solutions provide assurance that your products have been effectively monitored throughout the supply chain and all the way to end use.

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Diagnostic Temperature
Monitoring Solutions

A full selection of irreversible chemical indicators and electronic devices help you protect critical specimens from temperature damage during transit or storage. Diagnostic thermometers provide proof that a specimen is authentic. Temperature matters when someone’s job relies on an accurate drug test or when a diagnostic test is critical to a patient’s safety.

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Ascending Indicators

ATI offers standard and custom ascending threshold indicators to track rising temperatures. We work with you to develop the proper solution to effectively monitor and display results based on set critical temperatures.

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Descending Indicators

ATI’s descending temperature indicators allow you to know at first glance if your temperature-sensitive product has been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. We offer freeze solutions for the product, pallet and truckload level.

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Electronic Solutions

ATI offers electronic indicators and data loggers for reliable, timely and accurate access to the temperature data of your product. Whether you need a quick indication of temperature or full time and temperature history, our portfolio of electronic solutions has you covered.

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Dual Card Temperature Monitors

With ATI’s Dual Card Temperature Monitor, you can quickly determine if your product has stayed within a specific temperature range. You can rest assured that your product has not been exposed to temperatures above or below your threshold requirements.

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