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Striving for Better Temperature Monitoring Solutions

We follow a well-defined innovation process to be sure we create the best solutions for our customers to go to market. This passion for innovation is prevalent through our partnerships with our clients.

From custom solutions to continued support, we provide what our customers need.



ATI’s R&D team includes highly skilled scientists that are continually working to give you the most precise temperature monitoring labels available on the market.


We understand that ease of use and eliminating confusion are essential when making “go or no-go” decisions. ATI’s product experts work with our customers to ensure we employ an easy-to-use and understandable interface.


The conditions your products encounter in the supply chain or in storage can be extreme. ATI understands that durability is essential to the integrity of our products. We conduct extensive quality checks to ensure durability and accuracy when you need it most.


ATI can help you protect your bottom line. Temperature monitoring solutions give you access to information you need to determine if you should dispose of adulterated product or save viable product. Our customers no longer have to guess, they know precisely what to do.

New Developments

ViziRev Thermal


Our resettable ViziRev™ technology can be customized for product specific applications. With a visible transformation from one image to another during a temperature change, ViziRev™ provides a clear indication of temperature fluctuation.

Jasper Transmissions

LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth

ATI developed this solution to bridge a gap in the market for electronic data loggers. The LOG-IC® 360 360 Bluetooth Electronic Data logger helps our customers access data from a greater distance, without disturbing shipments or packaging.


High Temperature Threshold Indicators

ATI developed this indicator for placement on engines and transmissions to provide a permanent record of temperature abuse, which is used to efficiently validate warranty claims.


The People Behind Our Innovations




A Culture that Fosters Innovations

ATI thrives on developing innovative solutions to our client base. We have the right mix of highly skilled scientists and engineers working with the latest equipment and tools in a forward-thinking, “what’s next” environment.


ATI is a technology company with a focus on best-in-class customer service. Our team is like family. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves in creating a fun atmosphere that encourages continual innovation to help better serve our customers.

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The goal of our R&D is to create technically superior products that offer a distinct advantage in the market. The process relies on a deep understanding of the business needs, competitive pressures and changing customer preferences. In addition, we’re technology confident. As a result, the solutions often answer internal business challenges, while providing external customer benefits.

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As a technology company, our patent portfolio demonstrates our high level of expertise in temperature monitoring. Our expert team of highly trained scientists conduct exploratory research to find the next great technology advancement in temperature monitoring.