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LOG-IC® 360 NFC Logger

You can protect critical shipments all the way down to the last mile. With ATI’s NFC option for LOG-IC® 360 loggers and your smartphone, checking shipments is as easy as answering a call.

The NFC option offers numerous benefits:
  • Access to temperature data on your smartphone by using the LOG-IC® 360 Mobile App
  • Export data easily to anyone in your cold chain via email or cloud
  • Complete data reports are generated immediately on your smartphone
  • Temperature monitoring at any point in the cold chain
  • Immediate decision support and documentation via emailed PDF reports
  • Ability to pinpoint precise location of temperature abuse
  • Universal standards to simplify use and data sharing in global applications
LOG-IC® 360 USB ensures a thorough, cost-effective solution to reduce risk:
  • Onboard HI/LO excursion notification for fast decision making
  • Compact, lightweight package
  • Robust design
  • Immediate data download
The LOG-IC® 360 NFC design ensures a thorough, cost-effective solution to reduce risk:
  • NFC antenna embedded in LOG-IC® 360 logger
  • Onboard HI/LO excursion notification
  • Compact, lightweight package

The fully functional LOG-IC® 360 Mobile App enables recipients to review complete temperature history, including detailed charts, graphs and reports. It is currently compatible with NFC-capable, Android powered smartphones.

Log-ic 360 NFC Logger

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Successful temperature monitoring can mean the difference between safe and potentially harmful, between profit and loss, and between edible and spoiled. ATI’s commitment to precision, industry  expertise and our ongoing enthusiasm for innovation translate to custom solutions designed to address known problems within our customers’ cold chains. When temperature matters, contact ATI. 


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