The Food Industry's Shift to Electronic Temperature Monitoring

    Posted by Carissa Smith on February 16,2018

    One main aspect of food service is monitoring temperature throughout the journey. Regulations require some form of temperature monitoring to be included throughout the production, transportation and storage of food products. 
    Commonly, procedures have involved manually monitoring temperatures and logging them with pencil and paper, which heavily increases the potential for human error and the loss of record. Technological advances have been made to reduce errors in submitting and tracking temperatures. Being able to track temperature at any point in the process allows companies to assume responsibility throughout the supply chain.

    Many companies following safe food-handling procedures are equipped with temperature monitoring devices. The continuous advances for these solutions include less manual effort and the ability to store and send data electronically.

    In a recent article from  Food Engineering, American Thermal Instruments' Chief Strategy Officer, Randy Lane discussed the idea that "handhelds are a must today, and the biggest advancement that we have developed is to utilize our customers’ existing infrastructure to handle the cold chain. Our electronic data loggers communicate through NFC [near field communication] or Bluetooth 4 and can easily manage data anywhere, anytime.”

    This management of data is beneficial in the case of transportation and storage of temperature sensitive foods. Electronic data loggers, as mentioned by Lane, offer extensive time and temperature reporting on shipments, where potentially damaging temperature extremes can compromise product.

    What's next in Temperature?

    What’s next in temperature monitoring? Digital transcription and the sharing of data via the web allows you to view temperature data anytime, anywhere. This provides transparency and traceability throughout the entire cold chain. As technology advances, temperature monitoring technology will advance with it.

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