Venture Club: Planting the Seeds to Improve Our Neighborhood

    Posted by Steve Yeager on June 19,2018

    The Venture Club of American Thermal Instruments and Microtek Laboratories participated in National Rebuilding Day on April 28th.  National Rebuilding Day is the signature event of Rebuilding Together, whose local chapter is Rebuilding Together Dayton. Its mission is “Building community partnerships and providing home rehabilitation for low-income Dayton area homeowners, particularly the elderly, so they may live in warmth, safety and independence.”  

    Their goal is to create a safe and healthy neighborhood providing home repairs, beautification, park and safety improvements. Rebuilding Together Dayton was formed in 1996 and since then has assisted over 1,500 homeowners in 63 neighborhoods and 10 cities across Montgomery County, Ohio. Volunteers are assigned a work site that may require home improvement tasks such as yard cleanup, landscaping, painting, plumbing, window repair, electrical systems, and general repairs.


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    Dayton’s 23rd annual National Rebuilding Day event focused on revitalizing the Carillon neighborhood, which is only two miles from our North American headquarters.  Our volunteer group was assigned to neighborhood beautification, which consisted of canvassing the neighborhood, asking homeowners if they would like flowers planted in their yards, and having their beds mulched.  Homeowners who answered their doors to our team as early as 8:30 am on a Saturday were very polite, and those who accepted flowers and mulch were very grateful. Hearing “thank you” and “bless you” from homeowners was very rewarding.  

    ATI and Microtek formed their Venture Club in January of 2017 to donate time into the Dayton community and give back to those in need. The team recently received the Volunteer Partnership Reward from the City of Moraine.  

    To learn more about ATI's company culture and volunteer efforts click here.

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