Your Guide to Implementing Data Loggers

Posted by Carissa Smith on June 26,2018


ATI_3-Step_LandingPageElectronic data loggers allow you to monitor both time and temperature of your product during shipment. It’s easy to integrate into your process – just follow our guide!

American Thermal Instruments’ LOG-IC™ 360 electronic data loggers minimize temperature damage risk for your shipment while providing 24/7 access to view time and temperature history. Data loggers, when paired with the LOG-IC 360 App and Cloud Services provide an unmatched solution to ensure your product is not exposed to critical temperatures.

In our 3-Step Guide to Implementing a Data Logger into Your Supply Chain, we’ll show you how to implement a data logger and how it can streamline your temperature monitoring process.


The guide covers:

  1. Understanding your critical temperatures
  2. Determining how you want to receive data
  3. The best place to position your logger during shipping

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Topics: Cold Chain, Industry/Chemical, Electronic Temperature Monitoring, Supply Chain, Temperature Monitoring, Industry Knowledge, Medical Safety, Industrial

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