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Temperature data at your fingertips

Built to connect your electronic data logger and temperature indicating labels to the cloud, you can monitor temperature from any
compatible device. CAVU Hub is the cloud platform that provides clear visibility and analytics into the monitoring and humidity data of
your temperature-sensitive products no matter the environmental condition.

Organize your data

With a detailed dashboard to track data and define trends in your logistics partners and shipping lanes,
CAVU Hub makes it easy to identify
 temperature excursions
and compare
 data across your supply
chain routes.

Store Your data

Your team or distribution partners can now upload and store your temperature and humidity data anytime, anywhere, keeping a single source of truth for both internal and external stakeholders.

Share your data

Once data is uploaded, analyzed, and stored from your temperature monitoring device or label, it can be shared to all Hub users, exported via pdf or CSV, and shared to all stakeholders, both internal and external, with CAVU Hub. 

Hub Plan

Provides one single location to store your temperature and humidity data. With an unlimited number of users and uploads, you can share necessary data to your supply chain and keep them updated with email notifications on critical quality data.

Hub Analytics Plan

Adds a detailed dashboard to track data and define trends within shipping lanes and logistics partners. Easily identify possible excursions, have a simple visual to display routes, and compare data between devices. SMS notifications are available to alert your key stakeholders about critical temperature and humidity data.

Benefits of cloud

based data

As your temperature-sensitive shipments travel from one part of
your supply chain to the next, is sensor data captured? Is your
data maintained only at the location it is scanned or is each key stakeholder given visibility to the temperature data the shipment
has been exposed to along the way?

Cloud technology allows the opportunity for stakeholders to
work together, providing traceability and universal visibility of
your shipments.

CavU Hub

Additional Features

Cavu Hub continually works to improve its technology and make the interface as seamless as possible for its customer base. This video highlights some of the most recent features added to the Hub and how they can help your company streamline its data consumption.

Connect Temperature data with
cavu hub cloud monitoring

CAVU Hub provides connectivity to your temperature and humidity data, allowing you to streamline the process of capturing, viewing and sharing this data with key stakeholders throughout your supply chain.

This link and user guide will give you step-by-step instruction on how to utilize the CAVU Hub Cloud platform.

Plan Breakdown

Allow your business to start connecting data now.  Work with our team to find the right plan to match your supply chain.

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